WE SPECIALISE IN JEEP CONVERSIONS / CREW CAB CONVERSIONS. Crewcabbing is an ideal way to maximise the load carrying potential of a domestic vehicle by removing some of the seating and converting it to cargo space and changing the classification of the vehicle to “commercial crewcab”, thus creating ahugh saving on road tax, as once the crewcab conversion is complete, it will then be classed as a “commercial crewcab” vehicle.

Here are two examples of jeep / 4×4 conversions.

Example One: If you had, for example a 7 seater 3.2l jeep, would you really miss the 2 rearmost seats? The jeep conversion process involves the removal of these two seats and the placing a shelf in front of where they were, we then fill in rear windows and place a mesh bulkhead behind the 5 remaining seats to create an extended cargo area at the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle is then certified by our qualified engineers and is finished to the highest standard and will be compliant to all irish and EU legislation pertaining to this procedure. A saving of almost €1400 in road tax is applicable. The current rate of road tax for a jeep which has been crew cab converted is around €335 per year.

Example Two: A 2 seater commercial jeep converted to a 5 passenger seat “commercial crew cab”, tax still remains classed commercial crewcab. The crew cabbing process takes 3 days, during this time we may provide you with the use of a vehicle until such time as you jeep conversion process has been completed.

If you have any queries in relation to your vehicle conversion do not hesitate to get in touch.